Vocabulary Strategies

Use It! Or Lose It!!

                                                                        5-16+ good exposures to a new word before it is fully known

Methods In Conjuction with Morphemic Analysis
Mind mapping - brainstorming around a word, and associating it with other words.

Flashcards - Word on one side, definition on the other.

Contextualization - Putting new vocabulary words into sentences to help you remember them and to test if you are using them correctly.

Elaboration - Relating new information to information you already know.

Inferencing - Using available information to predict or guess the meaning of a new item.

Personalization - Why the vocabulary item is important to you, where you first saw it, when/how you used it.

Grouping - Group words into different areas of similarity. Ex: school subjects.

Translation - Read a story in your native language, then again in English